What do we do and how do we do it?

IDEA Recruitment provides hotels, cruise ships, oil rigs, restaurants, hospitals, civilian and military establishments around the world with qualified chefs. Our recruitment process means we have the know how and the technology to include potential clients in the interviewing process without them having to be there. Our system of net cams record the interviews in real time, we can send a link to clients anywhere in the world to see and integrate in the interviews. Also, when a client comes to us with a request for a chef, we take the details from the client, then send them at least two recommended cvs.

Once the chef has been agreed on, we take care of the rest, we arrange travel, contracts, invoicing and payments.


I'm a chef and I want to apply to work abroad, how do I do it?

Firstly, send your CV to We will then decide if you match the criteria and if you do we will invite you for an interview.

What if the client wants to keep me full time?

No problem, we have a plan written into our contracts so the client can keep your chef and hire him/her direct. Terms and conditions are set out in the contract.

Do you take chefs out of college?

Unfortunately not, all chefs need to have a proven track record and references to back it up. All of which are checked.

As a chef, how much can I expect to earn?

This really depends on where you work, but some of our chefs are on salaries of £3500 + per month.

What if the client doesn't like me?

We hope this doesn't happen, but if it does, for whatever reason, all the chefs are on a one month probation period.

What kind of chefs do you hire?

We hire all kind of chefs, from head chefs to sous chefs, including fine dining chefs, buffet chefs, breakfast chefs etc. However all the chefs need to be of a high standard.

Who pays the chef?

That's simple, we do. All chefs are employed and paid by Idea Recruitment Ltd. It couldn't be simpler.

Do I need to be qualified?

Yes, all our chefs must hold recognised qualifications or equivalent experience in the industry.

How will you decide if I am eligable?

All chefs are interviewed by Steve Redman. Steve is a highly trained chef through the Royal Force so he knows the right questions to ask. Our administration team also checks all the references and CVs.

Want to apply to become a Chef?

You can either send your CV to  or send us a message here and we will get back to you as soon as we can!